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Existing Members: Please renew your membership without delay and start the year "in-good-standing" status! PLEASE NOTE: RENEWAL DUES ARE $50.00, PER THE BY-LAWS.


Under our By-Laws, renewal dues payments are due by January 1, 2020, following which your dues were delinquent. If you do not renew your membership for 2020 by January 31, 2020, your membership will be suspended, and your status changed to "not in-good-standing."


Those memberships which are "not-in-good-standing" and are not renewed by March 6, 2020, will be forfeited; and to be reinstated, forfeited members must apply for reinstatement, per the By-Laws.


We value your membership, so please renew now, if you have not yet done so!


The By-Laws require that you keep your contact information updated. If you need to update your information, please click HERE to print a 2020 Renewal Form to update our records. Please fill out the form, write "ONLINE RENEWAL," at the top, and mail it in.


The Tampa Bay Mariners Club, Inc., is delighted to offer secure online Membership Renewal for 2020, and it is the preferred method for dues renewal.







We'll see you there!